Descendants Of Erdrick – Video Game Rock

Hello, gentle readers! I have decided against making a “musician blog” for the time being, as there’s really nobody to talk to about that kind of stuff except myself, but I thought this bit of news would be relevant enough to make an update on this here album blog.

I made an album!

That’s right, after 10 years of active musicianship with bands that never really got to this level, the video game tribute project I’m in – Descendants Of Erdrick – have finally recorded and released a full-length album, called Down Right Heavy (or “↓→ Heavy” if you like the character map!)

Here’s a Youtube video of the first track, from that most sacred of skateboarding/surfing games about monkeys and cats in tuxedos:

If you want to purchase this album, it’s at the official site (, but really I just wanted to make everyone aware of its existence.

I am right now planning the next step for this blog… perhaps it will return? Until next time, friends!